The Vibratory Charts

The Vibratory Charts are the basic language for all science. The world is based on vibrations. I believe that all sciences can agree with this statement although it is a very simplistic statement. The fact that all is based on vibration is the connecting link between the sciences so they can talk to each other more clearly and easily. The Vibratory Charts will be establishing a common language of communication between the old and the new science.


Just as music has notes and various symbols to allow it to be read



and math has figures and signs to allow it to be read





and, of course, languages have words and punctuation,



these charts will be the planning diagram for all manifestation. They are the preliminary stage for the new science to be put into place on the planet. This idea needs to be given to the world. There is no other method that will bring order out of the seeming chaos and no one realizes that this is the ultimate answer. The Vibratory Charts will serve as a start on the design of the universe.

This is one of the most important projects in the Science of Music, but you do not need to be a musician to work on these charts. You do not need to know anything about music as a matter of fact. What is needed for the charts will be someone interested in the evolution of a certain kingdom and the time to do some research, probably just online – at least to get us started. There is no pay for doing these charts – it is all volunteer. We have a little start on the Elemental, Prismatic and Astronomical charts but volunteers are definitely needed for all the charts, including also the Geological, Botanical, Biological and Atmospheric charts.

These charts will show the repeated pattern of all creation. They will show the tying together of all kingdoms by vibratory rate. Herein lies the secrets of our DNA, the curing of our diseases, the answers to obesity, achieving successful transplants, the clean-up and prevention of pollution, growing more food in less area, space travel and many more applications including solar energy.

If charts are made of each kingdom showing the twelve chromatic musical tones down the side and the classifications of evolution across the top, this will give us a total of 144 vibratory rates. If these charts are then stacked on top of each other this would show that all things falling in the same square are tied together by the same vibratory rate, only on different octaves of resonance.

All things falling in the same square would be perfect for enhancing all other items in the same square. Everything in all kingdoms of nature will fall into one of the 144 blocks on one of the charts. It may be by virtue of only one of the semi-tones or it may be by many of them combined, but one will always be dominant. If not, you would not have an individual item.

The charts are based on a premise that is unfaltering and unchanging throughout all universes. This is the fact that all creation is a repeated pattern. As the different kingdoms were brought into existence on the planet, the repeated process was begun with the exact same vibratory rates manifesting in a different manner. This is what all kingdoms consist of, a different manifestation of the exact same frequency.

The point I want to stress is that no one is to profit from these charts – no single person or any single country. They are for all humanity and are to be given freely, internationally, to any one or any group who can show logically that they can and will be used for research purposes. They shall not be made into anything that anyone can profit from. Therefore, when they are finished, the criteria for giving them out will be non-profit standing anywhere in the world, with reports to be sent back to me for correlation with each other. When and if some breakthrough is made, say for instance on obesity, the reports should be published worldwide (with credit given to those whose research made the breakthrough possible). Access to the findings and charts that made them possible will also be published. This may or may not include medical journals.

A call for volunteers for the vibratory charts – if you would like to volunteer to help with the research for any one of the charts please contact me I will ask that those that volunteer sign a non-disclosure agreement. The charts are as follows: Elemental Kingdom, Geological Kingdom, Botanical Kingdom, Biological Kingdom, Prismatic Kingdom, Atmospheric Kingdom and Astronomical Kingdom. You will be sent the booklet (free) explaining the particular chart you have chosen and any work already done on it. I will have the chart forms for you to print out to do the work on.