The Science of Education

1st Project – Chrysalis Experimental Schools™

New Experimental Schools will bring the arts back into education. Schools will operate on trimesters – three months of school with one month off, repeated around the calendar. Each grade will have a skylight of the color that matches the musical tone of their grade.



These New Millennium schools are based on a breakdown of twelve levels of vibratory progress in the human brain. There are 4 sections with 3 levels in each. The twelve grades will be grouped in four sections with three grades in each section. The focus of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades would be on physical activities. Grades 4, 5 and 6 will work with balancing the emotional body. 7, 8 and 9 will stress mental pursuit and 10, 11 and 12 will stress spiritual growth and understanding. This will give a cyclic basis of focus, starting with a left brain focus for grades 1-2-3, a right brain focus for grades 4-5-6, followed by left brain for grades 7-8-9 and right brain for grades 10-11-12.

The Halls of Training

The physical body goal is stretching the brain, to be accomplished by understanding the human form. This will introduce studies in BodyThought® which will be achieved by classes in nutrition, exercise, anatomy & competition sports.


The Halls of Learning

The emotional body goal is the self-esteem of the student, to be accomplished by opening the creative channel. This will introduce studies in BlendedThought® which will be  achieved by classes in art, music, theater & performances/displays.


The Halls of Knowledge

The mental body goal is the independence of the student, to be accomplished by knowing and accepting the importance of thought. This will introduce studies in AnalogicThought® which will be achieved by classes in language, history/geography, math & science.


The Halls of Wisdom

The spiritual body goal is opening to the power of the mind, to be accomplished by higher education & training. This will introduce studies in LayeredThought® which will be achieved by classes in the intense specialty schools in all fields.


Different playgrounds in Chrysalis Schools will be incorporated into the learning process. These playgrounds will be designed around the different kingdoms – mineral, botanical and biological –both animal and human and help the child transmute instinct to intuition. They will follow a structured pattern of usage by actually being incorporated into the curriculum. They will allow children to relate to the other kingdoms, which will help open the channel to the higher realms. These playgrounds will be a marvelous opportunity to instill in children a thinking process of wonder and awe that no learning out of books will give.

Franchises are available to start a Chrysalis School in your area. They can be started with one teacher and twelve students with the ability to expand every four months with a new set of twelve students and another teacher and grow as big as you wish. If you are interested in starting one of these New Century Schools in your area, please get in touch with Norma for more information at

2nd Project – Bridges to Tomorrow Park ™

I am proposing a “Bridges to Tomorrow Park” which is dedicated to new ideas for a better tomorrow, not only for all people, but also for the planet. This park would serve as a showcase for all the wonderful, new ideas for the health, growth and well-being, not just for people, but for all kingdoms. It would be laid out with symbolic bridges leading to the exhibits.

The focus of the park will be on the direction of our planet in this new millennium. It would be laid out as “Bridges to Tomorrow” having paths with symbolic bridges leading to the exhibits. There would be seven main “Bridging Paths” with each path having smaller trails off from it. The seven “Bridging Paths” would be based on the seven different kingdoms – Elemental, Geological, Botanical, Biological (the largest division), Prismatic, Atmospheric and Astronomical. Each “Bridging Path” would be designed with that particular kingdom in mind. All new ideas showing the possibilities of future growth for each kingdom would then fit into the exhibit located at the end of one of these seven “Bridging Paths” or one of the connecting trails.

The park could actually have its beginnings as a virtual reality on the internet, becoming a physical reality at a later time. All those participating would be able to be in constant touch through e-mail for coordinating efforts. Therefore, where a person is located would not matter as far as their involvement in the project.

Want to get involved with any of these projects? Get in touch with me