The Science of Chemistry

In the Science of Chemistry, music will be combined with minerals to give us untapped energy sources. One of the most exciting projects to come out of the Science of Chemistry will be a new solar energy project called SolarSelect™. The proper use of solar energy is a very simple procedure. Invisible light rays will be attracted by a chemical process into a mirror, intensified in power and reflected out of the mirror into the collector. Here they heat the circulating medium, move on to activate a battery into making electric current and move on past this to the aquifer where they are converted into water.

1st Project – New Solar Energy Project – SolarSelect™

Half-Size SolarSelect™ made by my husband Lyle Hickox

The system uses musically tuned glass in both the mirror and collector. Other aspects of the system, such as the battery and the aquifer, also use music. The mirror and collector are mounted on a tracking system that is keeping the back of the collector to the sun at all times. This system will work even on cloudy days because the ultraviolet rays are in the atmosphere during the daylight hours, regardless of whether there is sunshine or not. The system will shut down from dark to dawn only.



This is a system that works on simplicity and mathematical intelligence as to installation procedures. It can be installed on older homes also. By making use of existing systems, a heating process can be individually designed for older homes, each different according to the dictates of that particular home and its location.

Drawing by Douglas Turner

A 3000 square foot home, in a climate comparable to Grand Junction, Co. would require four solar units. These units are each capable of heating approximately 700 square feet. The number of units needed will be dictated by the square footage of the home and will also provide enough electricity and water for that square footage. Each hot box will heat approximately 120 square feet, therefore the number of hot boxes for each room will be dictated by the square footage of the room.

2nd Project – Electric & Radon Cars

Design #1 – Battery Operated Car

The first model of this solar energy system for an automobile could be the exact same system as used on a home but will be redefined into smaller proportions for future use on autos. It can be brought down to a two-inch mirror and a fourteen-inch collector. This would give a battery of seven and a half inches in diameter. A unit this size could be placed either on the front, rear or top of the automobile wherever it looks the best. For a rear mount there could be a rear engine, but does not have to be. There will be no difference in the mirror whatsoever, only in size.

 Design #2 – Radon Car

The radon gas this system generates is not destructive radon gas because it is made naturally from the sun and is not man-made. This would compare to natural radiation coming off of rocks and minerals into our atmosphere. This is not dangerous to humans. The system does its own cleansing of pollutants so there would be no emissions to worry about. The current cars on the market could be utilized and the new designs could then be incorporated into cars very slowly.