The Science of Biology

The Science of Biology will use the notation system of music to chart the genetic code for each individual after finding the musical vibration of their blood with the KeyTone Machine™. Personal Music Charts will form a composition for each person to give help for physical and mental healing. This will encompass the chromosomal make-up and the DNA code. This will show the structure of the human form as it was in the past along with the changes that have taken place and will continue to take place in this form.

1st Project – The KeyTone Machine™

Drawing by Jason Allen

To be able to do the Personal Music Charts we need to be able to find the pitch of the blood in a scientific manner. This will be accomplished by a new blood test done by a machine I call the KeyTone Machine. The keytones will be found in the red cells of the blood. Therefore, in testing the blood to find the musical pitch, our goal is to remove everything from the sample of blood except the red and white cells, which are then taken to a dry or solid state. At this point a vibratory reading can be made establishing the musical tone, or keytone, of the blood.

The vibration is registered by a very sensitive vibratory probe attached to an amplifying microphone. The microphone is attached to a midi cord running into the computer where the vibration is recorded in analog mode and then translated into digital mode for a readout in hertz. The figure is then returned to analog for playback of the tone, if desired.

2nd Project – Personal Music Charts

 There is much more to be learned about the Science of Music as far as applying it to the Science of Healing. The tones and colors all tie in with different parts of the physical body by relating to the chakras of the body and the energy lines flowing through the body. Seven different chords will be built on the keytone to correspond to the seven chakras on the body.

The levels of the mind relate to the twelve tones of the musical chromatic scale. The keytone for each person denotes the level of progress the person was on when he entered this life. All drop back and review at entry. All hopefully reach entrance level and climb above. Some never reach entrance level and this is a lifetime that sets them back. They will enter on a lower keytone the next time.

The major triad based on that keytone, the first, third and fifth tones of the scale, relates to the first three levels of the mind. This triad needs to be balanced before progress is made to the next triad. Each triad has a balance level for each body in that particular mind level.

The keytone, the first tone, is the emotional aspect of the Physical Body Triad. The third tone of the scale is the mental aspect and the fifth tone of the scale is the physical aspect. When all three of these aspects of the Physical Body are balanced it opens the door to the next mind dimension section and the triad formed on the fourth tone of the keytone scale then must be balanced, again for all three aspects, in relationship to the functions of that mind level, the lower creative.

The keytone is progressive, twelve lives for twelve tones. When the triad is not balanced, it designates what level – which of the twelve lives of that level – that one is on. When the triad is balanced, as mine is, it designates the twelfth level of that tone and the next life will enter on the first level of the next tone of the scale.