The Science of Astronomy

The Science of Astronomy will use the rhythm of cycles along with the vibration of tones to provide perfect patterns for individual emotional and spiritual growth and also for communication and interaction with other universal systems.

The universe is alive with musical vibration. For instance, in the universe there are time tubes that run through it which, when found, would make space travel much easier and faster. The vibratory rate within these time tubes is totally different than the vibratory rate outside the tubes. Inside the tubes the rate is tightened up. This is not the same as speeded up. There is a big difference. To speed up the vibratory rate makes a shimmer effect. To tighten the vibratory rate means to pull it together and make it sharper. . Speeding up diffuses it, tightening it sharpens it. It is the same identical vibratory rate that is outside the tubes but is tightened, which reduces the distance to be traveled. This is quite difficult to describe. The closest thing I can give as an analogy is to picture a field of cooked rice as the outside of the tube and a field of uncooked rice as inside the tube.

Cooked Rice & Uncooked Rice

The field of cooked rice spreads out over a much vaster area with the same amount of rice that would make up the inside of the tube. Since the original measurement of the rice was identical you would be using the same amount of vibratory rate in both areas only you could travel through it much faster as uncooked rice. Each grain of rice, each mile of space, expands to approximately one hundred times the original. In the future we will be able to travel effortlessly to other stars and will be astounded at the number of populated ones, some below us in progress, but most much more highly evolved.

Astronomy is where the repeated pattern for the progress and growth and evolution for the human mind is found. For this reason, it is a very important science and should be studied much by those in the field of healing, especially those attempting to heal the mind. It will be necessary to understand the formation of the total universe to enable us to understand the formation of one human being. This is due to the fact that all is a repeated pattern of the beginning of the universe.


1st Project – Transformer Charts™

The epicenter frequency is the line of demarcation between the central core of the universe and all other divisions of the universe. This frequency is found in all dimensions but is stepped down from the epicenter by many transforming agencies. These transforming agencies are the ones that will go on the chart of planets, stars and nebulae. This chart will act as the transformer for the other charts and when the Healing Machine™ is constructed this chart will be the basis for the wiring schematic of the machine as the basic transformer for all other information. This machine will be the ultimate goods and services piece of equipment as it will deal with the health, understanding and growth of all things, including human beings.

2nd Project – Fly Zappers™

 The small scientific project for the Science of Astronomy has to do with flies – the pest that causes much irritation for us. They can be destroyed by a musical tone. It is a new idea in fly control. It will not work on other bugs, like the bug zappers we have now, but only on flies. This is because the fly is made up of the highest musical pitch audible on earth. It is not audible to the human ear and this zapper will not harm or cause any change in the human body. The human mind might benefit from it, as a matter of fact. This is the highest mind level vibration that, if able to be reached, would allow humans to fly through the air without any physical means of propulsion. The fly is similar to the bird but is made up of only this one vibration – the bird is made up of two.



Music is what makes up everything in the universe. Everything and everybody and each part of all living things is made up of a musical vibration. This tone would be to the fly as a disintegration ray.



Their bodies would disappear after a couple of hours. Of course, as long as it is turned on there will be dead flies dropping everywhere, but the mess would clean itself up within a couple of hours if the machine were turned off. The sound acts as the disintegration ray that is written about in our science fiction stories.

The practical uses for this would be in barn yards, outdoor restaurants, which would need to have a net covering to contain the bodies. It may not be so practical in that instance because of dropping into the food. It would need to be used in the area out around the restaurant. Homes of course would benefit greatly by this, also food processing plants, etc. There are many uses for it. It is not only the commercial value of it that we need to think about, but also the proof of the concepts of the Science of Music. It is not complicated and does not need to be an expensive experiment. It all started with a vibration, a single vibration and a single vibration could cause the breakthrough needed to put the Science of Music into place on the planet.