The Science of Architecture

The Science of Architecture will give us new home modules to ease housing conditions and a new motor powered by the vibrations of music to heat and cool homes and take care of waste water. It will also use the combination of musical vibration of both lower and higher frequencies to enable the moving of large objects with no visible means of locomotion. Music combined with Architecture will also provide perfect formulas for the building of controlled environment homes, office buildings and bridges. This will be done effortlessly through the use of musical formulas applied scientifically to atomic energy sub-particles. This engineering marvel was known and used in the past and will be upgraded in this time period. Ancient civilizations understood this science and applied it to many aspects of their lives. The ancient Egyptians were able to create, purify and sustain a tone of the magnitude to move million-ton blocks of stone to build pyramids.

1st Project – Home Modules™

Modules or components of houses are the wave of the future, as far as affordable housing for all inhabiting the earth. The houses being built out of wood are depleting our natural resources of forests, which of course affects the environment. The houses of the future will be built of natural ingredients so there will be no problem with disposal when a module has served its purpose and needs to be replaced. There is a substance being made out of organic materials that resembles our present-day plastic.

The ideas behind these modules are that they can be added or changed as needed. A basic starter home would have two modules, the physical plant of the house and one “great” room. From that point on the round modules with connectors could be added, one at a time. If a separate bedroom is needed or wanted as a first supplement, then the bedroom package is purchased. If a separate kitchen is wanted instead, then the kitchen package is purchased. The bathroom and laundry would be part of the physical plant module as original equipment along with heating and cooling and moisturizing works.

Each round module could be rearranged as needed or wanted. For instance, if the first room to be added is a bedroom, then next a kitchen and it is decided that it would be better to have the kitchen where the first bedroom is, then the interior package is all that needs to be exchanged. We could rearrange the rooms in our house as easily as we now rearrange furniture in our rooms.

2nd Project – Musical Motors™

The way to heat homes in the future will be with Musical Motors. Music is the fuel to run these motors. Musical vibrations will set them into motion. The higher the vibration, the faster the motor runs. The heating and cooling abilities of this system are much more intricate than today’s heat pump and will be very sensitive to fine degrees of difference in heat and moisture.

Plants in the home will be part of the system. Outside weather data will also be used and fed into the computer. This data is figured and sent to a crystal rose which then activates the heating or cooling apparatus. The petals have many layers and the more signals for that tone there are according to how many people in the home have that tone, the more layers close over the switch calling for that vibration. The musical motor will be programmed with the tones and colors of the people occupying the house by the use of screens. The screens will necessarily need to be reprogrammed when occupancy changes. They can also be reset for short-term absences of any member of the family. There will be a disc for each occupant that will look like the old-fashioned player piano rolls. This machinery will be smaller scale models of musical motors which will be used to activate the city’s water and sewer systems.

3rd Project – Homeless Sleep Shelters™

The modules for use by the homeless would be able to be blown up, similar to a balloon. They would have a bed on one side as part of the wall and an indentation like a bowl to hold a small of amount of water for washing and another bowl with plastic liners that could be used as a toilet. After use, the module or balloon would be washed with disinfectant, dried and deflated until the next person came along that needed to use it. I’m not sure what material these “balloons” will be made of but I believe it will be by taking a certain vegetable and making something similar to fruit “leather.”