3. Initiates Hall #2

Then in Intiates Hall #2  they will partake in a musical releasement workshop in which music and color is used to reach and eliminate unwanted attitudes and memories stored in their cells.



Pythagoras of Samos, a very wise teacher of ancient Greece, knew how to work with sound. He taught his students how certain musical chords and melodies produce definite responses within the human organism. He demonstrated that the right sequence of sounds, played musically on an instrument, can change behavior patterns and accelerate the healing process.




Musical Releasement Workshop      

This workshop is in the form of artistic cultural exchanges. The idea of drawing pictures to the beat of the music is only the start of it. Many are ready to express their feelings on a multi-level plane.

Each person will need 5 sheets of plain white paper, a pencil, a box of crayons and a floor mat.

The way we would have you begin is to have all in the room lie on mats, close their eyes and listen as music is played. Your music on your instrument will work just fine. It must be soft and slow to start. This music will set up a vibration in all. At the end of three minutes of music all will sit up, open their eyes and take pencil and paper and then close their eyes and draw to the beat of the next song you play. This will be done to five different pieces. They are to choose a pattern for each piece, be it straight line, circles, S curves, pyramids – any shape that the music reminds them of. Each piece will require a different clean sheet of paper.

1. Love Is

2. I Know the Sun is Shining

3. The Crying Stage

4.Going to Junction



Then, keeping them in order, the pieces will be played again with colored pencils or crayons being used in wide sweeping arcs or whatever pattern. All of this is done with the eyes closed after determining what color of crayon you want for each piece.

At this time when all five pieces of paper have been colored over the pencil marks, each piece will be considered individually by the person who drew it. The piece will be played again and an interpretation of the drawing will come forward into their minds. They are to write a title down and move on to the next piece and the next, etc.

At this time the pieces are gone back over and the title expanded on as to some incident in the person’s life that is still stuck in their cells. They are to write this incident out in clear detail, reliving it as they do.

At this time the music continues with all of them going through big muscle movements in time to the music. It will start on the exercise mat and then progress to an upright standing position and an interpretive dance will be done until the remainder of the song. At that time they sit back down and depict the incident in small proportions with their hands acting as puppets, using their elbows, knees, ankles, facial features, etc., touching any part of their body that they feel inclined to touch in response to the depicting of the incident combined with the music.

6. The River of Peace

At this point they are to once again lie down on the mat close their eyes and the music will become softer, and slower, fading into the distance and they are to see the incident fading into the distance. The procedure then will be over and the person cleansed forever of that particular bad memory or bad attitude or bad behavior of whatever was troubling them.

At that time, the same song will be played again and a new beautiful concept brought into mind to replace what the troubled area was. This can be done in many ways. It could be done as a group replacement with a beautiful video, or words sung to the song that give much inspiration, or each one could have a book of poems/pictures to just open to and form a daydream around. We prefer this last way.

Poetry Book #1        Poetry Book #2        Poetry Book #3

6. The River of Peace


Many of the incidents that come forward will be very emotional. You will need to have helpers, counselors moving around the room to facilitate the work. This is a combination of a re-experiencing along with a total releasement and cleansing. The lighting and aroma of the room and the temperature and moisture control would all enhance the procedure.

We picture this as going into the “cave” of your beingness and bringing forth with emotion an emotional issue, working it out of your overall body movement patterns and then out of the cells of individual parts of the body. It is then released forever and replaced. It would be as though taking each “brick” of your life out of the building of your life, sand blasting it and then putting on a new finish and protectant, one that will seep into the newly opened pores of the brick.