The Science of Agriculture

1st Project – Crystal Water Reservoir™

A “roundhouse reservoir” in the center of our country set up to draw off the excess water in the east to redistribute it in the west with the ability to reverse the flow to the east if needed.

There will be a centrally located crystal reservoir to collect excess rain water in the east and send it on to the dry areas of the west. For experimental water disbursement stations, what is needed is a “roundhouse reservoir” in the center of our country – a huge crystal butterfly that responds to humidity, sunlight, temperature and calendar time. The butterfly must be made of fibrous, grainy crystal that is actually grown underground. This will be the sensing device for diverting excess rainfall from one section of the country to another.

2nd Project – Nature’s Mineral Garden™

Fruit and Vegetable Barns where food production will be done inside buildings with colored lights and music so weather conditions will not affect them and the miniaturizing of crops will be perfected.

It is time for a “new” Garden of Eden on a higher spiral of evolution – Nature’s Mineral Garden, to once again enhance the intelligence of humanity. There are, I believe, twenty-one undiscovered minerals that will be able to be blended, not only with each other, but with already known minerals. These combinations of minerals used for growing the food which we eat will then help eliminate many of our diseases today. But the greatest result of the entrance of these into the food chain will be enhanced mental ability for all.


The next frontier of exploration of our planet will be the oceans and the mountains. Raised up in the upheaval of mountains are minerals not yet discovered on the planet that came from deep within the molten core of earth. The top of the mountain is not where they will be found, it is underneath the mountains. The same is true in the ocean. Under the “mountains” at the bottom of the ocean are even more concentrated uplifting of minerals from even deeper into the core.

In the future, food production will be a large and important field for people to work in. The Science of Agriculture will form its own astrological charts to determine the ultimate growing conditions including the correct colors and musical tones. It will accidentally be discovered that colors will induce plants to great growth and right on top of this the discovery will be made that musical vibrations will also contribute to this growth. This will lead to an experimental growth station to feed humanity with the growing of miniature crops. A group consisting of musicians, horticulturists, agriculturists and scientists need to get together and brainstorm. There is a whole field out there to be explored in “Nature’s Mineral Garden.” We should explore it and use it.

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