The Science of Healing

1st Project – The Healing Machine™

Front View of Healing Machine


To chart each one’s chromosomal makeup would entail an instrument or machine that is capable of registering one hundred and forty-four degrees of vibration or pitch and tying them in with one hundred and forty-four shades or degrees of color. This will be the Healing Machine™.


Side View of Healing Machine

The Science of Healing will use the Vibratory Charts as the basis for a Healing Machine which will be the ultimate in preventative medicine. This will allow for a daily tune-up of each individual’s physical, emotional and mental bodies. There will also be musically tuned stained glass to help each one stay tuned up during the day.



The overall purpose of the Healing Machine™ will be as preventative medicine. It will give an accurate gauge of what is going on inside a human body from the viewpoint of all parts of that body. This can be directly registered by body fluids. The machine then can give a dose of a mineral or vitamin, if needed, to clear the blood of toxins or any number of other things, such as cholesterol. It will have the capability of drawing from every possible herb, and mineral to match the exact reading of the person’s blood.

 2nd Project – Musical Stained Glass

Lighted stained-glass butterflies or other designs could be made with perfect tones emanating from a hidden recording for each color. These stained-glass butterflies would be made by taking each one’s three colors, found by the blood test and incorporating them into a butterfly sun catcher. It would have a music box in it with a melody of each person’s three tones embedded in their essence. In other words, the interpretation is frozen in stained glass and made available with the musical boxes.