2. Initiates Hall #1

From here the person would enter where they would be put through a tuning of the chakras. Picturing each chakras as a small colored spinning ball they would listen to a description of the levels (up to 7) of each chakra and then the major scale would be played for each chakra.

12 Levels of the Chakras




Chakra #1 – The Kundalini (Tone of C)

There is always physical discomfort when a major change to the form takes place and this is what the opening of a chakra is – a major change. Every disease known to man can be traced to the opening of a chakra in some area of the body. The reason it becomes a disease is because the energy was not ever smoothed and manipulated and allowed to flow in a serene manner into the newly opened chakra. I would like to address the effect the chakras have on the different locations in the body starting with the root chakra, the kundalini, and showing the details of each stage and the discomfort felt for that stage.

Level 1 – Middle C. The 1st level of tuning the root chakra will be the knowing or sensing of the strength it took humanity to survive all obstacles and reach the evolutionary stage they are at now. The “survival of the fittest” traits will be sensed and accessed. This is normal tuning in anyone born in this time period because without it the physical form wouldn’t be born. It would abort spontaneously.

Level 2 – D. The 2nd level of tuning the root chakra is in the ability to respond to nature, to the feel of the wind, the beauty of the sky, the heat of the sun, the majesty of a storm, the magic of the night sky, the beauty of rocks and rivers – everything that is a part of the unchangeable earth.

Level 3 – E. Level three in the root chakra is that which relates to the animal kingdom. This level will be found to be the strongest level in those working with animals in veterinary medicine, in zoos, on research assignments or working for animal rights.

Level 4 – F. The fourth level of the root chakra will be an immediate and strong response to other human beings. A feeling of oneness with all would be an ideal reaction for this fourth level. This is not found to be as strong a tuning, as natural a tuning, as are the first three levels, as it takes a more developed physical form.

Level 5 – G. The fifth level of tuning for the root chakra would be the will to work together with others, cooperation, being a team player. If there is one who is not willing to do this a tuning up of this level would help the situation.

Level 6 – A. The sixth level of tuning would give one the power to plan major tasks and projects.

Level 7 – B. The seventh level would insure these projects being carried out.

Level 8 – High C. The eighth level of the root chakra would give the power and will to lead large groups of people in whatever endeavor one wishes to pursue. This is where the danger comes in. A good example of this is Jim Jones and the tragedy he brought about. This is why I say that none should have this level tuned up tight, as the potential for acquiring deep personal karma is stored in this level.


Chakra #2 – The Sacral Plexus (Tone of D)

The second chakra is that of ensuring the continuance of the human race and upgrading the quality of life of this race. The sacral plexus was, in the beginning, the pure sexual act on an animalistic basis with no connection to or link with thought, as thought had not progressed to the stage where it could control this instinctive behavior. It was pure instinct to mate sexually with any of the opposite sex. This was true of both male and female, but there were inborn controls in the female, those of the cycles of the menses. These developed right along with human evolution when the split of the amoeba occurred. This split was brought about due to the amoeba trying to mate with itself. This was physically difficult and evolution took care of the problem. The split itself was timed into the ebb and tides of the sea which were caused by the lunar pull. Therefore, the effect of the moon was a part of the sexual makeup of humanity from the very beginning of time.

1st Level – The first level of the sacral plexus is the urge to reproduce the human race.

2nd Level – The second is the strong pull of lunar activity and its effect on our sexual actions.

3rd Level – The third level relates to our urge to masturbate.

4th Level – The fourth level gets into the realm of exploring sexual practices with many other people, looking for an ultimate experience. This is a throwback to the days when mating with other kingdoms was possible and was practiced on a regular basis. At one time mating with the mineral kingdom was practiced by grinding different minerals into a powder and ingesting them and spreading them on the sexual organs while masturbating. Some of these brought about much pleasure. The next stage was using the plant kingdom to enhance the act and make it more pleasurable, then the animals who would do anything man wanted them to do in the way of sexual acts. This, then, was fourth level sacral plexus activity.

5th Level – The fifth level was the sexual act with all thought being focused on the feeling we had for the sexual partner. There was discrimination as to whom we shared the act with and controls of the conscience as to having more than one partner at once. Most humanity is on the border between being tuned to the fourth and fifth levels. This fifth level brought about the institution of marriage which, as you can see, is not a proper institution for those still expressing on fourth level chakra activity. Fifth level chakra activity is a direct tying together of the sacral plexus (2nd chakra) and the conscience of man (4th chakra), which is where the teachings in the Bible came in and brought into being the institution of marriage. At the same time it attached much guilt to the human who was developing this conscience and caused many, nay most, of the sexual hang-ups humans have today.

6th Level = Sixth level sexual behavior has, again, moved out of expressing with and through others and is into experiencing within your own synthesized mind, body and spirit the ultimate feeling of orgasms throughout every cell. Very few have reached this level as it is very difficult to achieve while in the human form, but not impossible. Know that the fourth and fifth level sexual experiences cannot come anywhere close to the glorious feeling this brings. But if one isn’t ready for this stage one must have compassion for them as they must experience thoroughly the levels behind them and make their own decisions as to their value and worth in their lives. The decision to move on the sixth level is a very personal decision and those who have made it will still slip back now and then into craving and wanting to experience the levels behind them again. They should not feel guilty over this. They should indulge in previous levels again then, as in the dieter who slips, they should pick themselves up and move back to sixth level again.

7th Level – What they are seeking is really seventh level experience, that of combining the two – fifth and sixth level experience at the same time with the same partner for the ultimate sexual experience possible on the earth plane today. This would mean that the two people involved would both have to be at the same level of progress in all chakra areas, not just the sacral plexus level. The other chakras must all be of the same balance in each with the same levels in each chakra in exactly the same tuning to be able to reach this together and it must be reached together or it is not reached. The heart chakra of both must be operating at the highest level and also that of the sacral plexus. If one is still operating at levels four and five of the sacral plexus and the other is ready for the seventh level, but does not have the heart chakra prepared, even though the first one does, this experience cannot take place.

8th Level – The eighth level of the sacral plexus is the spontaneous happening of all the other experiences taking place controlled by the mind, induced by the mind, at appropriate times, as communion with the God Within. In other words, deliberate spontaneous orgasms physically, cellularly and mentally. This is the meaning of the word rapture and is possible at the present time for a very few people on the earth plane.


Chakra #3 – The Solar Plexus (Tone of E)

The third chakra, the solar plexus, is that which allows the human being the freedom of expressing differences from each other. Without this chakra everything was identical as far as actions. There were no individual reactions, no initiative taken, nothing to differentiate one living form from another.

1st Level – Therefore, the first level of the solar plexus is the capacity for individualism. This is inborn within every human form. As with all inborn abilities, some access this level more than others.

2nd Level – The second level of this chakra or energy center is the sensing of the difference between each human form. With the animals this meant each species mating within its own kind. This chakra or energy center was formed at the same time that all the species were coming into being with distinctive family characteristics. You see, in the beginning there was all the same life form, but as these life forms moved out from the spawning center, different foods were eaten and different environmental influences produced changes which adapted the life form to its environment. Some grew longer or shorter tails, thicker fur, sharper eyes, enhanced hearing, different reproductive methods and caring for the young. All of this took eons. But the basic instinctive knowing whether another life form was part of your “vibrational family” was kept intact in all the different species and is a rule of nature that is still in place today. In humans this gives the knowingness, or sensing whether another human being is operating on “your wavelength” or not and allows for discrimination in choosing those we associate with. This instinct or intuition is more sharply in focus in some than in others. It should be the immediate “gut reaction” we get when first meeting someone and should form the basis of all our friendships and relationships. This is not to say that you shouldn’t associate with others, but rather use this knowledge in handling the intricacies of each relationship. What this second level does is allow for cross mating in the human race.

3rd Level – The animals will not cross over this “vibrational line of demarcation” – humans can, will and should to bring about a wider understanding and closeness and allow the spirits within the form the ability to experience the fact that they are all one. This, then, is the third level of the solar plexus, the ability to be aware that we are all of the same origin, both through physical evolution and spiritual evolution although, basically, this third chakra is not thoroughly aware of spiritual teachings. When those are accessed more fully with the opening of the higher chakras, that is when this third level of the third chakra will get more usage.

4th Level – The fourth level of the solar plexus is when the awareness of being able to manipulate others comes in. This knowingness of others according to vibrational sensing opens the door to also knowing other things about people. In the animals this is the level that told the rabbit to steer clear of the wolf. It laid the ground work for predators to lay in wait for their prey because they became aware of their habits of existence, such as always going to the watering hole at the same time. The same is true of humans. Those with a more advanced level of tuning of this chakra will be able to take advantage of those with a lower tuning. This is basically what took place in Atlantis and got so out of hand that the civilization was destroyed and the restructuring of the human form was done. But to follow evolution through from the adding of each chakra, this level brought about manipulation and can be brought down in tuning in one who does this on a regular basis to others. Some have sharpened this ability to the point where they can manipulate anyone, whether of a higher or lower vibrational rate.

5th Level – The fifth level of the solar plexus is a beginning ability of reading the thoughts in other’s minds, not just a sensing of instinctual behavior. This level progressed and grew right along with the capacity of the brain to think. Therefore it is a natural thing, inborn in all of us to be able to read other people’s thoughts. Those in whom the brain power progressed faster naturally progressed at a greater rate of speed as to this ability to tune into other people psychically. So this is an ability that is directly tied to intelligence, rather than being equal in all.

6th Level – Level six of the solar plexus is what brings the use of discrimination into play as far as the usage of the abilities this chakra gave the human form. In the animals this level was prevalent in the fact that they started staying in groups or herds and making for individual species or categories of like traits, such as hoofed animals and those whose young were all born and nurtured through the same process. In the human this level also leads to individualism in that those with this level strongly tuned quickly learns when the use of the psychic ability is being used wrongly and gravitates away from those using it unwisely and seeks out “his own kind” as far as groups.

7th Level – The seventh level then allows the usage of these abilities to help others in a wise manner and, at the same time, one learns how to protect oneself against those of lower psychic abilities. In the animals these last two stages have not progressed to the point where it should. What is meant by this is that they stay in herds but have not yet learned to discriminate among all those in their general category, because a wolf can and will kill and eat a baby wolf if he’s hungry enough and the baby wolf would trust the older wolf because he’s a wolf. And certainly none of the animals are aware enough to access level seven. Levels eight through twelve are very powerful levels. The seat of psychic ability is definitely located in this chakra, the solar plexus. This can be tuned and has been tuned totally by some psychics and it is not as dangerous as the other two chakras, especially the root, as anyone who has reached seventh level tuning has built-in discrimination. Most of the higher levels of this chakra have to do with healing. Level seven, as given, is used to help others mainly with advise.

8th Level – Level eight allows the tapping into the akashic records for past life influences.


Chakra #4 – The Heart Chakra (Tone of F)

The lower three chakras have been almost totally opened and in use on most of humanity, some more stronger than others, but in comparison to the three higher chakras, the throat, third eye and crown, the lower three have been most in use, with very few individuals using the higher three. They did try to enter the human forms before the forming of the heart chakra and it was not too successful. The heart chakra was brought into being at the time of the split of the spirit into positive and negative, or male and female, (Adam and Eve, Biblically speaking) when the whole form was restructured. Most people are born with the first two levels of the heart chakra open. No one opens any chakra wide open all at once. If they do they will most certainly be in trouble. These chakras open one level at a time and when that energy is fully incorporated into the daily life then, and only then, will the next level open. It is a lifetime process for most to open the chakras as far as level seven and a few do open them to level eight. This is about as far as it is safe at this time for humanity to open. The next four levels would be too much energy for anyone to withstand.

1st Level – The first level of the heart chakra is that of being aware that we are only half of our beingness that is on the earth. This is the cause of the terrible feelings of loneliness that all experience and the feeling of incompleteness that we all have until we have progressed spiritually to the point of finding our God Within.

2nd Level – The second level of the heart chakra is that which causes a knowingness that there is help or an answer as to why we feel this way. This is an inborn trait of all. Both of these first two levels are inherent in our makeup. Without the second level the first would be unbearable. Anyone with suicidal tendencies due to feeling alone could be helped by a tuning of this second level, because for the spirit to be split apart and one half be sent down to experience life in these strange cumbersome forms was a terrific shock. If this spirit does not have an awareness that the other part of himself or herself is near at hand, able to be communicated with eventually and used for guidance, it would be a devastating existence. But somehow, through the tuning of this second level we are hopeful from the beginning, hopeful and knowing that we are not alone, that there is help from an unseen source.

3rd Level – The third level of tuning is an acknowledgment of a higher authority figure in whom we trust and to whom we pray. In early man this took many forms and the outgrowth was a belief in a fatherly figure on high known as God. With this level of tuning came all, or most, of our hang-ups and guilt which have wrecked havoc with the spirit’s progress.

4th Level – The fourth level of the heart chakra is a realization that God will be found inside our own mind and is indeed the other half of us that we are separated from at the beginning of each incarnation. Everyone’s heart chakra is programmed to be open to the fourth level at birth. Therefore, the same exact process of reviewing necessary to open this chakra must be gone through at the beginning of each life. It does get easier and quicker to progress to this fourth stage with each ensuing life experience. And this fourth stage must be reached before any true spiritual progress can be accomplished in each life. Until this is reached you are merely reviewing what you already know from previous lives. The opening of the fourth level of the heart chakra is a long process. As a person flows with the new energy and the feelings it brings, and expresses these feelings, he will find himself much more loving in response to family and friends. He will be less demanding of their attention and able to let go of his children and allow them their independence.

5th Level – The fifth level of tuning of the heart chakra is that of being able to be in constant communication with the other half of our soul for guidance. This is manifested as the conscience and is called the Christ Consciousness, mistakenly.

6th Level – This leads to individual consciousness and taking responsibility for ourselves and our personal destiny, which is the sixth level.

7th Level – The seventh level is not true Christ Consciousness either. It is the wanting to help and teach others of what we have discovered. This level must be open for one to be a true spiritual teacher. Many who are teaching have not progressed to this point of opening the heart chakra and, therefore, are not considered qualified spiritual teachers by those helping planet earth.

8th Level – The eighth level is the realization that we are all one, that we are all a part of each other – the shattered energy of our Creator, and brings about unconditional love.


Chakra #5 – The Throat Chakra (Tone of G)

As the throat chakra came into being, the necessity for the heart chakra was not as strong. With the coming of speech, feelings were not what were depended upon to solve the problems. Once there was a language where people could talk to each other, this brought the growth of the mental body, which was necessary. The emotional body has absolutely no balance without the mental body. The fifth chakra, that of the throat, is a very important chakra for humans and came into being out of necessity when the early men began separating themselves off from the big animals and needed protection from them. It became a matter of survival that these early humans be able to communicate with one another.

1st Level – The first level of this chakra is simply that – communication with those of like vibration. This is not an inherent trait, it is a learned trait still in the human. In other words, it is not part of the animal based brain – it is a result of the inseminations done from the higher plains. The animal form does not have the refined vocal chords that humans have. This was a gift from our Creator.

2nd Level – The second stage of the throat chakra is that of being able to do more than just utter sounds – it is the ability to receive back the sounds from others – a link between the ear and the vocal chords that is quite necessary. This link is a nerve that runs from the vocal chords to the sensory cells of the brain – the receptors in the ears. This gets quite complicated, but for further development of the throat chakra to have any meaning it had to be heard by others. A human could stand in the middle of an empty island and yell or scream for hours for help and it would do no good if there was no one to hear him. Therefore, the early stages of the ear chakra developed in conjunction with the throat chakra. The ear chakra is in a very rudimentary form in the human at this time. It is only in the second stage of development. A few are in the third and fourth stages but it is not time yet for the higher stages. It is time for the third and fourth and many humans are working on developing these stages. The second stage, then, is the link with the ear.

3rd Level – The third stage of the throat chakra is that of using the same sounds to mean the same things every time these early humans tried to communicate with each other. This would be similar to a high pitched squeal if a large animal was spotted, or a low hum if a baby were sleeping or all sorts of different inflections of a monotone that developed.

4th Level – The fourth stage was that of actually setting these sounds into patterns for the different items of living that these people communicated to each other about.

5th Level – The fifth stage is that of refinement of speech patterns in conjunction with those you are communicating with – in other words speaking the same language. This was the development of different languages that took place and is still taking place within a certain social group.

6th Level – The sixth stage of the throat chakra is that of being able to sing. This stage is inherent within the throat chakra from the time of the birth of the form, but cannot be accessed until the vibratory rate of the vocal chords has reached the same level as the rest of the chakras on that particular form. This is why some of the children in schools today can’t sing when others the same age can. The ones who can were born with higher levels of each chakra open. In other words, those who can sing at an early age are more highly evolved animal forms. This has nothing to do with the evolution of the spirit that chooses to use this body. In some rare cases it may be one of the factors chosen for an unusual reason to learn certain lessons, but it is more just the fact that this was one of the forms available and if the entity is willing to enter into a form that is a little less evolved, that is their choice. It may be that the wait for a more highly evolved form would be longer than they wanted to wait.

7th Level – Regardless, the seventh stage of the throat chakra is a vibration in the speaking voice that makes it able to penetrate to all those who hear it and hold their attention with what is being said by this voice with this vibration. Jesus had this vibration of the vocal chords. It was due to the high evolution of the human form he entered. This will be happening more in the human race. The voices, the speaking voices, not the singing voices, of those who command attentive listening, such as certain people in the ministry or certain actors, could all be tested for vibratory rate and there would be found a certain intensity that has nothing to do with decibel rates.

8th Level – Regardless, this is as far as the throat chakra has progressed in the human. The eighth stage of it is not open on anyone. It has to do with silent communication – direct voice to ear communication of exact language.


Chakra #6 – The Third Eye Chakra (Tone of A)

The next chakra, that of the third eye, the sixth chakra, is one that at present is open on all to stage three when they are born. The first stage of this chakra was in actual vision that the early forms had – the first forms that were born after the separation from the animals took place. The higher genes that were inseminated caused an inner eye to form that was a transforming of the antennae on certain animals. The antennae was the ear, if you remember, as given in the material on the evolution of sound. This forming of the third eye took some of the energy away from the ear chakra, which is partly why it is not so developed on the human today, and it formed an inner antennae, which is what the third eye really is.

1st Level -The first stage of the sixth chakra, then, was actual vision with the human eyes shut. These early forms had the ability to see whatever was in their path at night or with their eyes closed during the day. Those who are born blind today revert to this ability as a matter of instinct. They sense these objects but do not see them clearly. The early forms were able to see them clearly.

2nd Level -The second stage of this chakra was the ability to see into the thoughts of the other humans. It was closely associated, and still is, with the human eyes. The expression that was seen in the human eye was a direct reflection of the thoughts of this other one, and the third eye learned to read these thoughts by interpreting the expression in the human eye and listening to the inflection of the vocal sounds this other one was making.

3rd Level -The third stage of this sixth chakra was that of being backed off or shut down due to the development of speech and disuse of the inner vision for safety with the civilization of the human. Fires at night made it unnecessary to use the inner vision when a torch could light the way.-4th Level

4th Level -The fourth stage of this chakra is total disuse. People felt better and more secure using their outer sensory aids and this chakra fell into disuse.

5th Level -The fifth stage of the third eye is a resurgence of inner vision with a focus of the large universe in miniature. This begins as a sensing of colors and patterns of the other planets.

6th Level -The sixth stage is that of the return of being able to read the thoughts of others.

7th Level -The seventh stage is inward vision, in micro form, of events that take place on the other planets. In other words, a miniature vision of the macro universe. It is as though you have a television set that can be tuned to the other large planets in the universe and a tiny micro size television receiver in your forehead.

8th Level -The eighth stage of this chakra is to be able to take these micro visions and enlarge them into your physical world and see them as the same size as you. This accounts for the visions that people have.


Chakra #7 – The Crown Chakra (Tone of B)

This seventh chakra, the crown chakra is one of the main chakras to work through to do channeling. This chakra was a result of the combining of all the other chakras into one that allows for reaching your inner being, or your God Within. It is the frosting on the cake for the human, the goal for all to strive for. This chakra was not reached until the Renaissance period. A few individuals started reaching the ability for inner communication with not just themselves, but also with the conglomerate that was in charge of guiding planet earth at that time. This period was that of the master musicians and the great artists. It also incorporated the breaking up of the stronghold of the Catholic Church – the Crusades. All of this activity took place because the crown chakra came into being at that time. It is a relatively new chakra for the human and many do not have it open – any stage of it.

1st Level – The first stage of the crown chakra is that of being aware that there is an inner part of you – something bigger that what is going about the daily activity of living. Not all are born with this knowingness even today. Some acquire it after birth, but very few are born with this stage of the chakra open. The opening of this chakra is usually a result of the development of all the other chakras in a lifetime and it is normally reached at an older age than all the other chakras.

2nd Level – The second stage of the crown chakra is the ability to “hear” the inner voice, that still small voice within

3rd Level – The third stage is simply that of using this ability. This is as far as most people progress to in a lifetime.

4th Level – The fourth stage is where they should be progressed to but aren’t. This is the use of this ability to contact other dimensions outside of yourself. By this I mean the inner being of others you are associated with. This is not reading their thoughts on a level of daily physical activity. This is a much deeper communication with them, a soul communication, a working together on the inner planes that carries over as a knowingness into the daily life.

5th Level – The fifth level is one of attaining the Christ Consciousness, that of knowing beyond a doubt that all are one and that one is the mind of the creator.

6th Level – The sixth stage is living your life by this knowledge – serving your fellow man as well as yourself. In channeling it is the incorporation of the higher thoughts into the animal-based brain of the individual. What this means is that it will seem more and more like the person’s own mind when they are actually channeling. Even the person will not be able to tell quite often that they are channeling. This is, of course, the proper way for the channel to be used. The channel is, after all, the stream of intelligence that is available to everyone who works at receiving it. The more subdued the animalistic instincts of the animal-based brain, the more strongly this stream of intelligence can enter. Therein lies the makings of our geniuses. – 7th Level

7th Level – The seventh stage of the crown chakra is that of being a messiah, a savior for the people who cannot reach this stage. They need to know there is more to their lives than what they experience and those at the seventh level are prepared to bring them this knowledge.

8th Level – The eighth level is that of calm and peacefulness and total acceptance of self and others. When at level seven waiting to access level eight, sometimes the energy for the eighth level can be described as a whirling around the head or a feeling as though a bird is sitting on your head flapping its wings. When you accept this level or stage and let this energy enter the brain instead of keeping it outside whirling effortlessly around your brain, then will you achieve all that you want. The Apex of the Mind is the inner part of the crown chakra and is not reached until and unless the crown chakra is open. The apex is, biologically speaking, a thin part of the skull directly on the topmost part of the head when holding the head straight.


From Pythagoras

There are numerous arbitrary arrangements setting forth the mutual relationships of the planets, the colors, and the musical notes. The most satisfactory system is that based upon the law of the octave. The sense of hearing has a much wider scope than that of sight, for whereas the ear can register from nine to eleven octaves of sound the eye is restricted to the cognition of but seven fundamental color tones, or one tone short of the octave. Red, when posited as the lowest color tone in the scale of chromatics, thus corresponds to do, the first note of the musical scale. Continuing the analogy, orange corresponds to re, yellow to mi, green to fa, blue to sol, indigo to la, and violet to si (ti). The eighth color tone necessary to complete the scale should be the higher octave of red, the first color tone.


The accuracy of the above arrangement is attested by two striking facts: (1) the three fundamental notes of the musical scale–the first, the third, and the fifth–correspond with the three primary colors–red, yellow, and blue; (2) the seventh, and least perfect, note of the musical scale corresponds with purple, the least perfect tone of the color scale.

Colors Related to Zodiac

When the colors are related to the twelve signs of the zodiac, they are arranged as the spokes of a wheel. To Aries is assigned pure red; to Taurus, red-orange; to Gemini, pure orange; to Cancer, orange-yellow; to Leo, pure yellow; to Virgo, yellow-green; to Libra, pure green; to Scorpio, green-blue; to Sagittarius, pure blue; to Capricorn, blue-violet; to Aquarius, pure violet; and to Pisces, violet-red.


The Seven Bells of Creation (the Chakras)

by Norma Hickox

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